We are an amateur (HAM) radio club located in Powell River, BC. Our club operates three repeaters in separate locations, including Lund and Texada Island. Our club members are passionate about radio communication and we enjoy connecting with fellow radio enthusiasts. The repeaters allow us to extend the range and enhance the quality of our transmissions, ensuring that we can communicate effectively across different areas. Lund and Texada Island are particularly important locations for our club, as they enable us to establish connections with radio operators in these remote areas. We are proud to be part of the vibrant amateur radio community in Powell River and we are always looking for new members to join us in exploring the fascinating world of radio communication.


Our Background

Established in

Our History

VE7PRR Repeater 147.200 T 141.3 Located high above Powell River on Cranberry Mountain

VA7LND Repeater 147.000 T100 Located in Beautiful Lund, BC

VE7TIR Repeater 444.025 T141.3 Located on Pocahontas Mtn Texada Island