Powell River Amateur Radio Club

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Club meetings Sept-June on the second Wednesday at 7:00pm.

Call on the repeater or 604-485-6916 to gain access.

Stay Connected with the Powell River Amateur Radio Club

If you're a fan of amateur radio or looking to get involved in the Powell River area, you'll be happy to know that the Powell River Amateur Radio Club is buzzing with activity. From community events to educational programs, there's always something happening in and around the club. Let's take a closer look at what's been going on.

Community Events

The Powell River Amateur Radio Club is known for its active involvement in the local community. One of the recent highlights was the participation in the annual Emergency Preparedness Expo. Club members set up a booth to showcase their equipment and educate the community about the importance of amateur radio in emergency situations. It was a great opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts and spread awareness about the club.

In addition to the expo, the club also organizes regular field days where members gather in a designated area to set up their radios and antennas. These events are not only a chance to practice their skills but also provide an excellent opportunity for socializing and exchanging knowledge with other radio enthusiasts.

Educational Programs

The Powell River Amateur Radio Club is committed to fostering learning and growth within the amateur radio community. They regularly organize workshops and training sessions for both beginners and experienced operators. These programs cover a wide range of topics, including radio operation, antenna design, and emergency communication protocols.

One of the recent workshops focused on digital modes in amateur radio. Participants had the opportunity to learn about different digital modes such as FT8, PSK31, and RTTY, and how to set up their equipment to operate in these modes. The workshop was a hit among both new and seasoned operators, and everyone left with a better understanding of the digital side of amateur radio.

Club Meetings and Social Gatherings

The Powell River Amateur Radio Club holds regular club meetings where members come together to discuss club activities, share their experiences, and plan future events. These meetings are not only informative but also provide a platform for members to connect and build friendships.

Aside from the formal meetings, the club also organizes social gatherings and outings. Coffee on Saturday mornings at 10am, at the local A&W allow members to relax, have fun, and strengthen their bonds outside of the radio shack.

Whether you're an experienced amateur radio operator or just starting out, the Powell River Amateur Radio Club is a vibrant community that offers plenty of opportunities for learning, networking, and enjoyment. So, if you're in the area, don't miss out on the chance to get involved and be a part of this exciting group of radio enthusiasts.

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